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About us

Slot-Tickets® Worldwide is the original, most trusted brand of TITO tickets in the global gaming industry. We created this gaming segment when we partnered with IGT in 1998 to develop the original TITO ticket specification.

Today, we hold 4 U.S. patents, printed and shipped over 18 billion Slot-Tickets and have built a global distribution network. Slot-Tickets® is a division of Multi-Color Corporation.

Slot-Tickets are proven time and time again to perform in the harshest of casino gaming environments, Slot-Tickets work on all major gaming systems, thermal printers and bill validators. Trusted by gaming leaders Aristocrat, VGT, Konami, Sci-Games, JCM, Nanoptix, GLI, IGT and many more!

We don't simply produce TITO tickets, we produce Slot-Tickets®. Trust the brand that started it all.


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